dialing in a full cup

How do you dial in a single origin coffee?

Get ready for some fun.
First get the trifecta journal or access the electronic guide.

Items needed for dialing in a single origin on trifecta:
scaletrifecta journal trifectatrifecta grindergrinder
Optional items for dialing in a single origin on trifecta:
scoop for handling whole beanscoop for handling whole bean TDS reading for waterTDS reading for water 1lb of coffee that you want to set a recipe1lb of coffee that you want to set a recipe
dumping stationdumping station rinse stationrinse station cleaning tabletscleaning tablets

First start off with TDS of the water that is running through the trifecta. The water should be in the range of 125 to 175 TDS. Ideally the water should be 150 TDS. Water containing more mineral content will be less effective in extracting, the coffee could taste lifeless. Water containing less mineral content will be very aggressive when used for brewing.

Coffee to Water Ratio

First step in dialing in your single origin is to set the coffee to
water ratio.

Select the cup size. This is the amount of ounces of water that you would like to use for this coffee. Next select the amount of coffee. Think of this in terms of ounces of coffee for each ounce of water.

A range of 20 to 30 grams of coffee could be used for a 12 ounce selection.

Do you want to use 2 grams of coffee for each ounce of water?
This is a personal choice.

Grind Particle Size

adjust grind particle size

The choice of grind particle distribution is an independent choice. The trifecta is designed to be used with a wide range of grind profiles. The grind particle size will then be constant while dialing in the recipe. For consistency in execution it is best to keep the particle size the same for all coffees used. Utilize the trifecta brew parameters to dial in the flavor profile rather than changing the grind size.

Use of the default recipe will help to determine if this is the grind particle size to use. Often on the BUNN pound grinder a selection is in between 6 and 8.

Adjusting the trifecta brew parameters
After the coffee to water ratio and the grind particle size has been determined it is now time to start utilizing the different parameters on the trifecta. There are three phases of the brewing process, and with the trifecta you can make adjustments to each of the phases- Wetting, Extraction, and Hydrolysis. Here are the adjustments in each of these phases: three step process You may set your recipe by making adjustments in any area. There is not one path to dialing in a single origin coffee. It is considered best practice to make an adjustment and then taste. If multiple changes are made at one time, it will be hard to determine which of the parameter settings is contributing to change in taste. Make one change at a time for best results.

Turbulence On and Turbulence Off Parameters

One way to start in recipe development is to start with the program loaded into the trifecta. From there begin by focusing on the settings in the extraction settings, starting with the Turbulence On and Turbulence Off settings.

The setting for Turbulence On is at 5 seconds on. Try moving by one second in either direction. Record the observations in taste. The Turbulence On and Turbulence Off settings are used to make a difference in the body and perceived acidity of the coffee beverage. Make one change at a time and record your comments.

Turbulence Power Parameter
Another area to refine is the use of the Turbulence Power parameter. This selection makes the coffee taste more enriched with the development of more body and depth. The Turbulence Power can have minimum to maximum intensity.

Extraction Time Parameter
The extraction time is the amount of seconds that the coffee and the water are in contact in the phase two of the trifecta’s three phases. A rule of thumb to follow is to make the adjustments one second at a time. The increased overall time will increase the body of the coffee. The Turbulence On and Off times will repeat within the extraction time period. The extraction time does not include the time of the other two phases, wetting and hydrolysis.

Pre-Infusion and Fill Pause Parameters
Another parameter to utilize in refining the taste is in the wetting phase. The pre-infusion setting is where percentage of the total brew can be used to saturate in the beginning. You can program the amount of water that you want introduced prior to the extraction phase by dialing in the percentage desired in the pre-infusion parameter. Make one percentage change at a time and record your results. Another area to make an adjustment to is the fill pause after the pre-infusion cycle. The amount of time (seconds) will give the coffee time to bloom before starting the rest of the brewing cycle. This parameter is very useful with denser beans that require more time and temperature for optimal flavor.