how it works

Trifecta puts full control over the THREE PHASES OF BREWING
wetting, extraction, and hydrolysis - at your fingertips. Each recipe enables baristas to manipulate a total of 11 variables (recipe guide). After determining an appropriate grind size and dose weight baristas can then input the brewing variables into the control panel. Each unique recipe can be saved under your coffee's own name.

how it works
how it works

The initial saturation of the coffee grounds can be controlled to get the percentage of water and pause appropriate for that coffee.

  1. Set the total water volume between 2 oz and 16oz (59ml - 473ml)
  2. Input the percentage of brew water to be used as preinfusion water
  3. Determine how long the preinfusion will last.
  4. Water temperature can range from 165F to 205F (73C to 96C)

Controlled air is injected into the brew chamber to agitate the coffee at just the right time. The result is a uniform extraction and complex beverage sure to please any coffee lover.

  1. Select how long the extraction will last, from 25 seconds to 250 seconds.
  2. Air Infusion cycles can be customized by entering combinations of time for turbulence on and turbulence off
  3. Turbulence power (the force of the air infusion) can be set to highlight each coffee's unique character
how it works how it works
how it works how it works

This is the controlled separation of the brewed coffee from the spent coffee grounds using air pressure to push the beverage through a metal screen, filtering out coffee grounds while preserving coffee oils and aromatics for a deep-bodied, unique coffee experience.

  1. Tailor the amount of air pressure used to press out the coffee depending upon your coffee?s characteristics
  2. Set the amount of time needed for the coffee to fully press out